Thursday, 7 March 2019

Ginger tea should not always be drinking, many problems may occur

Winter or summer, people often want to drink ginger tea. Even at tea shops, people will find that pouring ginger into brother. But have you ever thought that drinking ginger tea every time can also be damaged

Ginger tea should not always be drinking, many problems may occur
Ginger gives this benefit if taken in fine quantities. But taking excessive excess becomes acidic. Acid in the body begins to become more and the disease of acidity begins to grow.

blood pressure
Those who are complaining of high blood pressure or BP, they benefit from ginger taking the appropriate amount. If the blood pressure is low or low, then if ginger is taken too much, it can be harmful, because ginger has the ability to dilute blood. In such cases, low BP people may have lower BP.

Sugar Patients
Ginger consumption also reduces the level of blood sugar. Therefore, patients of sugar should be avoided with excessive consumption of ginger especially, whose sugar level is often lower than normal. Excessive consumption of ginger can reduce blood sugar levels, which can lead to hypo glycemia conditions.

Go to sleep

Avoid drinking ginger tea at night. Some people think that drinking ginger tea before sleeping is beneficial. Experts say that you can sleep while drinking ginger tea before sleeping.

Chest burn
Drinking a little bit of ginger in tea also increases the taste of tea and digestion is also good, but some people drink more ginger than they drink every day. This starts burning irritation in the chest. Some people complain of irritation in the stomach and their appetite increases.

Pregnant women do not drink these tea
For pregnant women more than half cup of ginger tea can be harmful. Pregnant women with ginger excessive intake can also have pain in the stomach.

(Based on Naresh Taneja's conversation with Dietician Sunita Roy Choudhary)

How much ginger is beneficial

It is enough for common man to take 5 grams of ginger daily.

One quarter teaspoon ginger should be added in one cup of tea. You can grate it with spoon.

Pregnant women should not consume more than 2.5 grams of ginger in a day.

If the digestion is bad, then consumption of ginger more than 1.2 grams can prove to be harmful.

To lose weight, do not take ginger more than 1 gram daily.