Thursday, 21 February 2019

OnePlus's next flagship smartphone will be OnePlus 7


Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus's next flagship smartphone will be OnePlus 7. Let's say that some leaked photos have been shared on the Internet and the design is looking new, no one will get the display in the display. Together, the company also clarifies the situation that it will only bring only 5G smartphones. The leaked picture shows that it is placed in a hard case and it looks like there is a sliding display.

OnePlus's next flagship smartphone will be OnePlus 7

Let's say that Tutto Android, a blog in Italy, has termed it as an international photo of OnePlus device, and in this picture, you can admire all display screens and thin bezel. Power buttons and volume buttons are also visible positions in it. You will also find the Alert slider here.

It is also said in the leaked picture that this phone will look like Oppo Find X, you will also find the slider camera in Find X. Also, if the media reports are to be believed, then Plus can showcase 5G smartphones during next week's Mobile World Congress. It's unclear whether the 5G smartphone should be called OnePlus 7, but it is being widely used that this phone will be OnePlus 7. Soon this matter will take place in front of the screen. According to some reports, OnePlus 7 will be an Edge to Edge curve display and it will not be available in Nokia.